The Voice of Success and Empowerment for African American Women


• Provides relevant information not normally found in general market publications

• AWBC Magazine is a trusted voice in the community and is endorsed by African American leaders

• Our clients are regarded as good corporate citizens, and are able to establish meaningful relationships, with the African American community

• The use of the AWBC format, which combines print, website, electronic media, and special market promotions, is the most effective and cost-efficient methodology, for reaching African American women.



The African American female consumer market is a vital segment of the nation’s population

African American Women:

• Have the highest spending power within the African American Community

• Have the highest educational levels within the African American Community

• Vote in larger numbers within the community
• Are heads of households and community leaders in large numbers



• Out of Home: AWBC Magazine will be distributed as an insert within community newspapers, via community churches and outreach organizations, via a network of colleges and universities, as well as professional organizations

• Website: As an efficient method of reaching the AWBC network of women seeking information regarding business and careers, as well as current job opportunities

• Promotions: The AWBC “SisSTEMS” Conference and quarterly consumer education events (i.e. seminars and community meetings), create an inclusive and diverse forum for attendees, presenters, and sponsors.



It is the AWBC MEDIA mission to provide African American Women as well as all demographics of professional women with the tools necessary for success and personal empowerment. The information provided in AWBC Magazine reflects the areas in which our readers can obtain career and business success, as part of a support network of accomplished women in the African American community.


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